Well, I finished Nameless two days after it arrived and it was even better than the first version. Well worth the money, my read copy has already gone to Mum, who wanted to read it. No bets on if she's started yet, she reads very little and almost no English. Almost sure I'll get it back for being 'too difficult'. In other Nameless news, my signed copy should be on its way. That one is for display purposes only!

More book news, Sarah Rees Brennan's (also known als Mistful to the HPers) book, The Demon's Lexicon, is available here for the idiotic low price of ten euro's. I ordered it and read it in one evening. About three and a half hours for 328 pages, a new record for me. I liked the premise, the idea behind it and the eventual climax, but I found it very hard to get lost in it.

Possibly this is because of the main character, Nick. He tells the story, but stresses that he doesn't feel very much in the way of love, sadness or fear. He does feel anger, but only in the need to kill something. This made it very hard for me to identify with him and the events that surround him. I'd rather seen everything trough Alan (Nick's brother) or just different viewpoints. I am going to read the next installment, because that one is told from the POV of the love interest of both brothers.

As I am not someone to order only one thing at a time, I also ordered the DVD of Velvet Goldmine. I've heard a lot about this film and I liked it. The setting is not something I'm familiar with, being born in 1983 and having parents born in 1950 and 1959. The whole 'boys in makeup' was very pretty, especially Jonathan Rhys Meyers works the androgynous look. The story itself was not very gripping, but Christian Bale did a good job acting wise. The music in the film was not stellar, but some of the individual tracks are well worth listening too. My favourites at the moment are 'The ballad of Maxwell Demon' and 'Ladytron'.

The last book I ordered was Neil Gaiman's Interworld, which is normal Neil Gaiman in a sci-fi setting. Very good up until now, I stopped reading because I want to read it in the train tomorrow. Otherwise I would have finished it tonight and I enjoy it too much.

Lastly, some thoughts on chan, years late, with TMI )
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( Apr. 30th, 2009 09:23 am)
I've come to a realisation: fandom isn't the whole world. Well duh, but sometimes it seems like it is. I was talking to a RL friend Monday and she had no idea about Amazon!fail, which seems really odd after all the hoopla on the internet. The other thing is a bit outside of my circle of interest, but still threw me a bit. I was linked to some pics of one of the contestants on American Idol (Adam?). He was in full drag make-up kissing some guys. My first reaction was: "ooh, pretty and hot!". In the comments to those pics some people were totally disgusted, even though I had the impression that he flew his flag proudly and loudly.

The point is that I somehow assume that everyone is as comfortable as my peers and I are about gays and their rights. I understand the anger everyone has towards the NOMmers and their 2M4M (those abbreviations still make me giggle), but their message perplexes me. "The consequences of gay marriage", which are those, exactly? Teaching about gayness at schools: they are teaching about apartheid, aren't they? It is still a struggle to get the same rights as everyone else! And not giving those rights is still discrimination.
Here in the Netherlands we have had gay marriage since 1-04-2001. We've had legalised abortion and euthanasia even earlier. We're still alive. We've got a pretty good country, if I do say so myself. We've got healthcare, good schools, universities which everyone, rich or poor, can attend without being in debt for their whole lives. I think we can eventually grow into a country where the basis is love and tolerance for everyone by everyone.

Lily Allen's latest, 'Fuck You', illustrates my thoughts perfectly. Deceptively sweet, but with a strong message.

So, fandom isn't the world, but the ideas of fandom should be the ideas of the world (without the wank, if possible ;-)


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