I wonder when if the time will ever come when women can be as sexual as they want? I saw a video linked by [personal profile] rm over on LJ, in which some old white guy tried to explain slash. Of course, according to his views on the subject. Video and deconstruction can be found in the following article:

Slash and teh magick testicles of perspicacity

Almost everything he talks about is wrong, but what really gets my hackles up is the way he puts women down. If he cannot understand us, we must be wrong. It's all still about the good old het vanilla sex. The gay sex is unrealistic, because how could women know how to have gay sex? Nevermind all the gay porn sites on the internet, the how-to guides (read those and get sophisticated!) and the communities for slash writers and/or gay men. Fucking without lube is not possible! If anyone wanted to fuck him they'd need a whole gallon of the stuff. I'm going to stop here, before I burst into flames.

If you really want to know about slash and the research done on it, read some yourself or check the comments in the article, which cite several good books on the subject.


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