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Birthdate:Sep 9, 1987
I never used this journal much, though I've had it for several years. For 2009 I made the resolution to post more and be more active on the internet, so there will be more posts!

BEWARE: This journal will contain swearing, politics and mentions of sex, often all in the same post. Read at your own risk.

For the rest: I'm an art historian working on my Master, romping around HP and Torchwood fandom and reading and reviewing books. I read a lot (I mean it; I average 50 pages an hour, in English, which is my second language.) so I'll talk about books a lot. Posts will also be about RL, and all long posts will be below cuts. Sometimes I will rec a fic; when I do so I will not include pairing or squicks, as all my reading is slash, and warning for kinks ruins the surprise. You have been warned!

You won't need to friend me to read what I post about; I've only locked posts which I am embarrased about. I can be rather blunt and outspoken; honesty is the best policy.

Now you know who I am; leave a comment to any post and tell me about you!
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