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([personal profile] kayleigh_jane Feb. 25th, 2009 08:47 pm)
I sort of accidentally made some fanart for Sam's new book, 'Nameless'. It's been five years since I painted anything, but I rather like it nonetheless. I made Lucas' mask, as described in the story covering half the face and having a dog's snout. It is made out of bits and pieces of cloth, leather and even burlap, if I remember correctly. I decided to show this in the different colors and the crosshatching for the burlap, which is not all that visible in the photographs.

Nameless #2

This one was taken without flash.


And this one with flash.

The real size is 15"x9", so rather small. I first sketched the general shape on the board (it's carton, not canvas) and then filled it in with acrylic paint. The boyfriend deemed it 'acceptable' :D.
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