Life is going well at the moment: I'm interning at an archive where I'll be partially responisble for an exposition about the interior of several houses in the city. I'm enjoying myself immensely, though most people think I'm really odd when I tell them what I do. It's four days a week, and I've still got my normal job on Friday evenings and Saturdays, so I'm rather busy.

As for fandom, I'm hopping like crazy. Torchwood is still interesting, HP has been abandoned and Queer as Folk is the newest. I'm watching the Brian/Justin storyline on Youtube and I'm transfixed. The stories are good, Gale Harold is doing a fantastic job as Brian. Of course, he is also incredibly handsome to look at, which doesn't hurt. Randy Harrison is adorable, and you can see he is more used to the stage. He has the big handgestures when he is playing upset or angry. His cheekbones are to die for and I can't believe how young he still looks. He's ten years my senior and looks like he's my age. The blond hair helps.
Downside of finding a fandom is that most fic is old and there is rarely something new posted. Finding the good fic is still a challenge, though [ profile] xhaleslowly's work is beyond excellent.

I'll type up a review of Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors sometime this month. I liked it overall and I have some comments on some of the stories and poems. Those last I didn't like very much, but that is because I dislike poetry anyway.


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