New recipe for summer sorbet!

Strawberry-Orange Sorbet

150g sugar
500g strawberries
2 oranges


Remove the orange zest from one orange. Squeeze both oranges and put juice with zest and sugar in a saucepan. Stir over medium fire until sugar has dissolved. Let it come to a boil and boil softly until syrupy. Let cool completely.
Cut strawberries into pieces and puree in the blender. (Optional: strain to remove seeds). Mix with syrup. Put the mixture into a container and place without a lid in the freezer. Stir every half-hour for three hours.

I made this for the first time with kiwi and lemon, as all the strawberries were sold out and kiwi-orange doesn't work. I tried it with melon yesterday, and that turned out fantastic. I replaced the fruit juice with water, as I couldn't think of something that would go with the melon. I think this could be made with almost any fruit, except maybe watermelon, as that would be too wet. Peaches, anyone?


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