For the past five days I've been listening obsessively to the new vid on youtube by feltbeats. Feltbeats is basically Tom Felton. He sings original songs while playing the guitar and he is quite good. I've pimped him to several people, but now the songs are on iTunes and I wanted to discuss them. The viewing count on the vid has surpassed the 200,000 already (!). He is also incredibly hot in that vid. Look at his hands and his smile and the little frown when he starts singing the third song. The trousers made me giggle...

There are three songs from that vid on youtube, Time well spent, Right place, Right time and Under stars. I think the fourth will be up shortly, they were added today.

The lyrics to all are fantastic. From the vid you would expect all love songs, but they have some nice twists built in. My favourite line form Time well spent would be 'I made her leave her mobile phone at home'. They are not cheesy, rather very realistic. Sometimes there are lines which make you pay attention again to the song, which makes for enjoyable listening. Under stars is a ballad, and possibly the song I adore most. The intro is made of awesome, just plucking the stings of the guitar. It feels very fragile, just the guitar and his voice, which is possibly why I like it so much.

Other point that I like of his guitarplaying is that he makes a bit of a rythm by stilling the strings. You can see him doing it with the side of his hand in the vid.

The sound quality on the fist is excellent, the other two are a bit heavy on the bass line of the guitar, but not so it bothers. He has done some mixing, so there are other instruments in the background and he is his own background singer. His voice is not as smooth as we have come to expect form singers, but that gives him quite a bit of charm. It gives a sense of realness to his singing. His accent makes it all the more fun, as does the deepness of his voice. He is a proper tenor, not a falsetto as is so popular at the moment.
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